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Discussion in 'The Professional Gallery' started by officersdr, Jul 15, 2007.

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    I'm am seriously looking into getting into the wedding business as a part time only basis. How hard is it to get into the business. I would be only doing a few weddings per year and charging less because I'm new at it.

    At tips and ideas to get going on this for next year would be helpful.

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    First tip, don't charge less because you are new at it. Charge what your services are worth. If you feel that your skill level and what you provide is less than 'the going rate' then charge less.

    If you are looking to charge less, in order to get work to build up your portfolio...then that's more understandable...but still, be wary of undervaluing yourself.

    It may not be hard to book a few weddings a year...all you need are a handful of great images (maybe 10-15) and some salesmanship. Word of mouth is quite common for this sort of tell people you know, and get those people to tell people they know...that you are good and available to shoot weddings.

    Make sure you are prepared and have adequate equipment. Don't show up with only a $400 digi-cam to shoot a paid gig. You should have quality gear and most importantly...have backup. Weddings are supposed to be once in a life time events...and when you are being paid to capture those memories, you can't say 'sorry, my camera stopped working'

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