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Nov 2, 2008
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I've been looking around and have been intrested in getting a new camera. I was thinking about getting a Canon AE-1 (35mm) and shooting with that, but then I started thinking about medium format.

I was just wondering is buying a medium format camera is worth it? I have been looking at the Bronica SQA and it seems to be a really good MF camera. Are there any other MF cameras that are better than the Bronica SQA and are in my price range ($300-$400)? If so, please fill me in!
There are a number of fine MF cameras in your price range. The SQA is
an excellent choice as well as cameras made by Mamiya, Rollei, Pentax
and others. It's all a matter of preferences.
I liked the Bronica SQ-A (which I sadly gave up years ago).
Most will perform similarly, the Bronica was (in the past) one of most affordable systems.

You should look at the cost of lenses/accessories for each type ... things have changed since I had one.
There is a nice Bronica SQ-A, prism finder, and 80mm lens on eBay for $280.00.
I paid $1600.00 used for my Bronica (15 years ago) !!
First look at the Mamiya RB67. Then look at pricing about. Then look at yourself trying to find a reason not to go for it. The RB67 is the 2009 Poor Photographer's Upgrade of the Year (yours truly included).
Okay, what would be he one you would recommend for landscape photograhy and good amound of good-quality lens?

Bronica, Mamiya and Pentax didn't make any bad MF lenses, so you're safe
in that department with any of them. MF lenses were pretty much all
considered professional tools so quality was expected to be very high with
all of them (and they were).

For landscape work I would recommend the Pentax 67. It produces a big fat
6x7 negative, has excellent lenses from very wide to very long and the
camera is more portable than most other 6x7 SLRs.
Agreed with what's being said here - you can't go wrong with any of these brand names. If you can, find a store where you can actually handle the various bodies, so you can get a comfort level for how they work and feel in your hands. That could make it a much easier decision.

For lenses, places like KEH carry a huge selection, and you can trust what they say about the condition of used equipment, as well.

MF is wonderful - you will love having those big negatives, especially if you enjoy landscape photography. Have fun with your hunt, take your time and chat it up with people at places like KEH as well as online. You'll learn a lot quickly.

Good luck - and be sure to show us what you end up with! :D
I agree on the Bronica SQ-A. I had 2 bodies and about 6 lenses. Then back in September (hold on to your hat) I bought a new SQ-A, a new metered prism, a new non-metered prism, a new 135 back, a new 80mm PS lens. All for less than $600. Those that bought new in the past knows what a once in a lifetime deal this was. All sold by a store clearancing out their MF cameras. All were new, unused boxed, not display models!

I bought the first used one about 9 years ago. Still going strong after who knows how many years its had. I still shoot MF fairly often for my own fun (process my own film too). I then added a second set 2-3 years ago. And now I have a new set waiting if / when one of the old ones die.

Not a pro shooter but I can't say anything but good things so far about picking up the Bronicas.

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