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    Morning All,

    Got a question. It's quite a vague one again I'm afraid but everyone was so helpful last time I thought I'd try my luck!
    Basically, I have been building an archive of work over the last 12 months because I want to get registered with an image library. I quite fancy the idea of working with the libraries in addition to the usual day to day commissioned commercial work I shoot.
    I am a little in the dark as to where to start. I realise there are so many libraries out there, who must all have photographers banging on the door to submit work everyday. I realise that you will only make a success of stock shooting ...if your work is good. By good I also mean saleable for the libraries.
    So.... does anybody remember the days of when you first got registered? Do you think it would be better to arrange a personal interview with the image sellers to present my work, email a submission of low res images or print some images and post them?
    Also, I have another part to the question. I am moving abroad soon but I would preferably like to be registered with a UK based image library. I don't see how this could cause problems as I shoot digital and files can either be uploaded to the library or if need be, uploaded to a friend's FTP space who can burn a DVD then post in my next submission. Does anybody think this would be a bad idea? Are there issues which I have not considered?

    Basically, I would like to hear of people's experiences and any advice anybody could offer me of how to break into this new field of photography. Maybe there's some library owners out there who could share some advice on what they would look for in a new photographer?
    As always, any help would be great and I really appreciate your time. I have learnt so much from these forums so thank you!

    All the best



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