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Jul 6, 2013
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Hi all, my first post here.

Well, I am an amateur photographer and I use to organize my photos depending on were I made them. For example, those made on summer holidays 2012 have a folder named...summer holidays 2012. But I have a sort of issue now: I was in couple for some years and now we got split and I would like to keep some photos in my collection and archive the others on which my ex or my ex and me we are together. Nothing personal of course, I'm just trying to have a new start but yet enjoying lovely photos taken in lovely places. :)

I guess I have the option to move non wished photos one by one or by bunch to another folder, but this task will keep me busy for some years I guess. So, I thought that with the face detection technique this can be easier to do. I have mi pictures in Picasa and I just pretend to hide those ones taken with my ex other is possible?

Thanks and regards.

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