Ghosts of Dixie


In Latin it's "spikius conius thingonius"
Feb 3, 2005
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Found these statues wandering around Louisville... very disturbing to me.



Normally wouldn't have shot with such hard shadows, but I felt like the contrast added to the drama of the pics.
To me they were defintely making a statement if about nothing else than a history of racism that has existed inb the US and the South in particular.
very disturbing to me.

It's a sad part of history and racism was and is everywhere, not just the U.S.

Mysteryscribe is right, now it's folk art. I'm guessing if you found these out in the open they are not making a statement anymore. Where did you did you find them?
they were in a small urban statue garden? and on display. It all seemed very odd to me.. I have no idea what the owners intention were but they had quite a few similar statues. Regardless of the owners intent I found them to be a disturbing but interesting subject to photograph. Like beauty (disturbing but interesting).

Who would have thought it was a good idea to make them in the first place is the question to me. Much less, who was the market for them?
It's strange but true that my wife has two different African American women friends, who collect the Aunt Jamima dolls and advertising pieces. Some of it I think is a "my bad history is still history and should be preserved" kind of thing. I am thinking holocaust museum here as well.

However I am not saying there aren't any racist left in the old south, but I will tell one really quick story. I write southern fiction but his is so help me god a true story,,,

I was shooting a wedding and the bride's father and I were talking. He took off his uncomfortable tux coat and the funny looking cufflings came loose. I was watching him try to rehook it when I noticed the stars and bars tattoo on his forearm.

"When did you get that?" I asked.

"Back when I was young and stupid," he replied as he quickly covered it. There was not a black person near us. He was embarrassed that he had it, not that someone might see it. I hope that says a lot for us as a people.
Well captured images with a real retro look. I feel it is all part of history and must be preserved for future generations to learn about the past.

I like the first image, has a great feel to it.
I don't live in the past or pre judge one's intent.

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