girl and her dog


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Feb 1, 2006
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in the middle of north carolina
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I'm relieved you can laugh about it... after I posted I was afraid you might be offended... :)
Actually she wasn't willing damn it... Did she see it, not unless she has looked on my website.

The story is (for public consumption) I was testing a camera I built. I saw her sitting there, first with her back to me and I shot the other girl and dog by lake thing. I asked if I could make her picture. While she oooh eand ahhhhd over the big retro camera, I took this second shot. It was so Snapshot that I colored it then aged it. It didn't look a damn bit better, but I had worked my butt off on it so I was determined to do something with it. Here it is lol.

Thats just about as honest as I get. somewhere on that blog is a bunch of the retros i made from scraps of other cameras. They shoot a totally different kind of picture like this and the girl on the shore kind of things.

Well its not exactly a nikon lol you will probably have to go back in the archive a bit but there are a couple there

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