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Jul 1, 2003
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give it some time. It's still a pretty new forum so it doesn't move quite as fast as some others. Also, when giving advise and critisism we usually try to work up what we want to say so it's really helpful...rather than "it sucks" or "it's great".
Unless it sucks greatly!
Interesting shots, is the sleeping lady in some kind of cell?
She looks very peaceful though, like it!
The forced perspective shot is close but his hands are not quite right, good try.
The "dear old dad with dog" shot says it all, the moment well caught.
I'm guessing the first and last were color shots converted to B&W, is that right?
How old are these pics? i.e. when were they taken?
no- they were all done with black and white film. Thats funny that you say its in a cell. Dormatory- cell- same thing i guess. The perspective is suppose to be the guys shrinking and killing the girl. Kind of funny. I also have some others i posted. I just bought some filters which will be even more fun(red, yellow and green) ok thanks

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