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Oct 23, 2009
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I appreciate a good artistic nude but the owners of the site who value advertising over artistic photographs don't appreciate bewbies. Don't be surprised if this thread gets deleted.
There are those here that appreciate tasteful bodyscapes and nudity.. links are very welcome! :)
Although it's pretty well known now in this particular post that it's not safe for work, if you post more links include the "NSFW" tag in the title so no one accidently looks at it at the wrong time.

Thank you very much. Your photography is inspiring.

(I understand the owners of this forum only want safe for Disney pictures, but if you wander over to a pro photographer's web site you might reasonably expect to see images that would appeal to a more grown up audience. I personally don't see the need to attach a NSFW warning to the link leading to the OP's web site.)
How do you even change the title of the post to add a NSFW. I tried I can't. I am soo sorry that I cause such a stirr. It truly wasn't my intend.
Not sure if you can change it in the title, but you can add it next to the link when you post it.

Putting the NSFW warning there is a nice courtesy that helps one stay out of trouble with employers who monitor web usage. I go to many pro photogs sites that don't have material I need to worry about at work, it's nice to know in advance that I need to look at the site when I get home. It's not so bad when fine art nudes are in a seperate album or take another click to get to the art on their site, but when it comes up on the opening page it can be troublesome.

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