Glossy Surfaces?


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Dec 14, 2004
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I need some help with setting up a small studio for taking photos of my guitars I build....

I want results like these:

How should I do it? Also, how do they get it so there aren't any bad reflections in it?

I need to be able to set this up with as little money spent as possible...

LittleMan said:
I need to be able to set this up with as little money spent as possible...
That was shot with a softbox. There's no cheap way to get the effect.

You can try diffusing a tungsten light source into a large cotton white sheet, but it won't be rectangular.
You could try using a polariser if you really don't want the reflections. But so long as the refecltions aren't completely blown out I think they help the photo. Like in the example you posted.

But, the reflection works on that guitar because it is rectangular like Doc mentions. If it was just a big circular blob from a light bulb it would 1) more likely be blown out and 2) be an ugly white blob from a light bulb. hehehe.

You could try and make a soft box yourself from either white sheets, or get some of that white perspex stuff that will let some light through. And then you could pop it over a light bulb.

You'll also need some good black sheets (ironed of course) and some sort of stand to put the guitar on. Or you can photoshop the images to get rid of the background.
Oh and also go down to a newsagency and buy some silver and some gold cardboard - the big sheets of it. Just one of each will do ya. And experiment reflecting them on your guitar. They'll help highlight certain areas of it and add a little colour cast (if you want, if you use the gold one).
You can also use them to fix any weird shadows that get cast onto your background that you don't want there.

You may need to rope in your little bro though to help you hold all this stuff.

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