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Apr 6, 2006
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The Mighty Midwest
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keep all your crows away
hold skinny wolves at bay
in silver piles of smiles
may all your days be gold my child


(no, I didnt make up those lines; kudos to anyone who knows were I got them from, though)
Can't help you with those lines, although they are pretty.

As to the photo: I think you took this one about half an hour too early.
It is not as golden as I would have thought it would be.
And also that swampy area is not quite as pretty ... you have seen the whole context, therefore you might know why it is appealing and worthwhile being photographed, but it doesn't quite show. Not to me, that is.

That is maybe why you are not getting any replies?
Thanks so much for your comments, guys.
For this one I warmified and added a soft glow. Let me know what you think:
Yes, that is definitely more golden, and still doesn't look fake.
However I still fail to see the beauty in that muddy area. I see the fresh green grass! I like THAT (always!). But all in all ... hmph :scratch:

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