Golden Lion Tamarin

I love these little guys. I assume you took it from behind glass? You did a great job capturing the attempts to photograph these guys inevitably come out washed out.
thanks for the comments.

yes anty, it was through glass. there were twin babies (only a week or two old) that i tried to get pictures of too but i only got shots of their rear ends - they were shy and kept hiding behind leaves. they were soooo cute though.
Thanks Ian and Melissa... I really appreciate ya'lls comments
yo...linda.. this is really great detail... his expression is perfect...

and isnt it just like babies..wont perform when you want them to!!

good to see more of your stuff, mistress...
He's a nice one here but I think I'd have cropped a lot of that rock in the foreground (or is it, in fact, behind the tamarin?). That does take away from the photo quite a bit, I think.

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