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Jan 6, 2005
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Northridge, CA

This is my first time using an actual macro lens that I am borrowing from a friend. I kinda liked this one but can't tell if it's too boring or what. All critiques are greatly appreciated, and don't hold back, please be as honest as you can. Thank!
It is quite abstract in so far as it makes me guess what this might be. I like the colour and texture of the metal that you captured here, but would personally have appreciated more if the rows of ... things ... had been absolutely straight (see bottom edge of photo), clearly aligned along there, with a second lining given through the diagonals created by these ... things ... as they disappear into blurriness. Do I express myself?
Is that a heat-sink? Looks like one.
Cool shot. I like it as is. I don't find it boring, and I like the tilt.
I don't think it's boring, but it is pretty easily identifiable as a heatsink. Definitely an interesting first subject for a macro lens.

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