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    It's probably not evening where most of you are.

    Anyway, im 17, taking A2 Photography, hopefully gonna take it onto University, then make it my career.

    Still doing all kinds of photography, but i do like Architecural and Urban photography, Macro, and im also into Motorsport, so also enjoy doing that too.

    I guess i kinda feel like i am at the start of my photography journey, so my skills are fairly basic, but i hope to improve as i go along, i'd love to learn how to HDR, and maybe pick up a Lensbaby to try and get really abstract/creative.

    Also thanks to my College, got into fully manual 35mm film, shooting in just B&W, and being able to develop them all myself, seems almost more real, its hard to understand, but the end result is more tangible.

    Oh btw, names Matt :)


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