Good medium format general-use focal length?


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Aug 24, 2007
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I've been doing a little research on getting a lens for my Hassy, and everything seems a little fuzzy. For now, I'd like to use it mainly for landscapes but have the verstility to do some occasional portraits and still life (for photography class). I'd like to have the equivilant of about somewhere between 35-50mm on a 35mm SLR.

So far I have my eye on the 80mm f2.8, and then possibly getting a teleconverter somewhere down the road. Would this lens be wide enough for general landscape photography?

Any suggestion/opinions would be awesome.
I think that the 80 is a good general purpose lens - I would consider it to be a short-to-normal portrait lens (but it depends on what you consider to be a portrait) or a long-to-normal landscape lens. If I only had one lens I would have the 60 mm f/3.5 because I prefer lenses a little wider than 'normal'. It's also a very fine lens.

Then for the next lens I would skip the 80 and go for a 100 or 120-ish lens. But that's just my preference.

Money is an issue and it seems anything wider than 80mm seems to be going for about $500-1000 depending on the condition. The 80mm's I've seen for for as low as the mid $200's on ebay, so that is something that's been attracting me to them. I'm a poor college student trying to balance photography equipment and the whole eating thing.

I'll keep an eye out for 60mm's, but every one I've seen so far has been on the steep side. Does anyone know of any resources for slightly less expensive hasselblad lenses?
I have bought a 50mm Distagon on eBay for somewhat less than $300. It was the older model, all chrome and without the ultra-fancy layers of coating. It performs very well and it's one of my favorite lenses, great for landscapes. Keep your eyes open for one.
I will, thanks for the heads up. I guess it would be better to have that plus a 120mm or something. Theres a place here in Portand has a couple 120mm's for about $250.
Take a look around also. they have high standards for their merchandise and low prices. bargain is actually usually in fairly good condition.

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