Good night, Chinese Photography.

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    I have never tidied up my recent film for a long time, also never written the Blog for a long time.

    I really don’t want stay at this country. The photography at here always with a strange air: blundering, narrow, meretricious, even fatuous and green-eyed. At here, you only can say some praise words, say some mendacious words, and those so-called photographer, can’t admit any critical words. Here, you only can say some similar words with everyone, do some similar job, but once you have a bit dissimilarity, you let your neck out, they will stick it.

    Although the article I write let some people begin to reflect, but still died with those guy ’s curses. face to those prejudice without any reason, I no longer wanted to replied again, I no longer wanted to explain , no longer wanted to talk about it. Although at the beginning of I wrote, I know it will bring some undulation, some people will quarrel, but all through I childishly imagine it’s only a discuss on learning, a debate on standpoint. Unexpectedly they completely not aim at the standpoint of the article but turn to seek another trouble on me. Every bean has its black, If they seek trouble on me, I believe they can find more than 100 point which easy enough to bring into play. Those man all so clever, also have a tongue in them head, they can find the reason which to attack you in some nowise correlative place, transfer the public attention, transfer your theme, to achieve they intent, steady they status.

    Between scholars, debate is good, debate also means development. But those man ought to study a simple truth seriously: When you have an opinion, let it aim at works but not aim to man. “Actually, it’s fine when everything aim at works but not to man. those assault and battery aim at individual, especially those appear by dint of internet, can but understand as wreak his own bile, or with his selfish intent.”

    Back to the beginning, I disclose Chinese Photography’s a tender spot, just for Chinese Photography’s concrescence. We always feel bellyache first, than have medicines and have a rest, than can be cure. But maybe those man had rather have drug, have hypnotic, escape from face to ache, as far as guts are putrefy and died. There many fine adage in china, seem like nobody can have in remembrance now.

    Good night, Chinese Photography. I wrote some words, instead let myself exhaustion, grief and despair. it looks as if only speaks is trashy.

    P.S.: The article we talked in above paragraphs is:
    Talk About Photography Chinesely in Recent years - Write in 2007’s Spring


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