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Feb 26, 2012
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Midwest, USA
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Hey all!

I had my own fine art photography business for about 5 years. I've got a lot of backstock that I printed but didn't sell (due to economic failure and my change of career). It's still in great condition and I'd love to still be able to sell it online.

I'm moving in July and would love to find a website to sell some of the pieces before the move. I've looked at ETSY and eBay but was disenchanted with the fees they wanted me to pay. Does anyone else have any ideas about good sites to sell matted, fine art prints without outrageous fees or excessive red tape and hoop jumping?
I suppose it depends on what the "fine art" subjects are. Doing web searches you may find some related to the subject. You may be able to find a local gallery that would allow you to hang them for a fee, with hopes that they can sell them. If you are finding ebay fees too high, you may find better online galleries completely out of reach.
The subjects are mainly landscapes, nature, wildlife, architecture, etc. Mostly 16x20s, 11x14s, and some 20x30s. All matted on acid-free free matteboard, some framed.

It's not all of eBay's fees. The flat rate fee is 11% of my base price. When I was selling at galleries and shows, I was selling work for $50-$100 easy. Granted, 11% of $50 isn't much and I'm not opposed to doing it, I was just hoping for a cheaper alternative before I jumped into that mess.
I have found selling photographic prints very hard, since people find it hard to appreciate the print quality and size, all from a thumbnail.

Gallery selling might be the best route for you if you are selling them easily.

Good luck and best wishes. I hope you do better.

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