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Aug 26, 2015
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Hi guys! Good to be here. Im setting up my website -


As well as business cards and I guess my next step is getting my name out there. Where do I turn to set up an art showing? I need help from a pro.
• Contact local art galleries.
• Where ever you are located (no location in profile) there might be an Art Association that has shows for it's members.
• Rent a conference room at a motel/hotel and put on your own show so you don't have to share a % of sales with a gallery or an art association.

TPF has a Business District group of forums that includes The Aspiring Professional Forum.
You might want to look through threads in those forums.
It isn't clear from your site what exactly you want to get your name 'out there' to do.

What will be on your business cards?
The menu on your website is getting cut off by the edge of the screen and where you have Luminescence the color is falling off into the background and you can't read it. In case you didn't know.
Like your outlook on images. I particularly like the broken vinyl. That really tells a story in one shot.
Welcome to the Forum. You'll find all kinds of folks here, some are nice and some are not. Some have likes and dislikes that will be simpatico to you and others will be in another country or century. The important point being you can learn something from everyone. Sometimes you just have to have a thick skin!!

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