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Aug 29, 2007
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Clearwater, FL
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I met a businessperson who was interested in "trading links" with me (he's the webmaster of a business he works at)at a pet related show this weekend.

He got back to me today, saying that although he liked the quality of my site, that "I must be really new, since I have a zero page rank for Google." And, basically, told me thanks but no thanks. Trying not to be offended, but it kind of seemed like he brushed me off because of some "rule".

So, before I write him back with what I think is the case and why he's not looking at the big picture, I wanted to run it by someone here...

When I do a search for keywords on Google for myself, using "dog photography Clearwater, dog photography largo , and various other search words, etc etc....I am either the first, second, or at least on the first page of the result.

Isn't that more important than some arbitrary 0/10 pagerank that only looks at links TO my site as far as the two of us trading links? I mean, the point is to get more TRAFFIC to your site, right, and if someone searches for my site, goes there, and sees HIS link (which is related business-wise) isn't that the point?

Basically, this is what I was going to reply to him. But maybe I missed something.

What a moron, forget about him. People that usually ask about linking are usually just pests..;)

GPR is a joke, don't worry about it. It's more Google hype and propaganda... As long as people can find you on a relevant search then you're fine. Most of the business you get is from people you contact or hand cards to anyway, and that has your address on it, so who cares about the PR.

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