Gorhambury Ruins - IR


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Dec 29, 2005
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London, England.
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Gorhambury Ruins is the ruins of and old manor house on the grounds of a private estate. They must have a bit of money as the house is situated in the middle of prime Herts countryside and it's a 2 mile walk from the front gate to the manor house :shock:

These are all IR shots.

This tree caught my eye, totally ruined yet still sprouting branches and leaves.

The road to the ruins.

The ruins.

Up close and wide angle.

Thanks for looking.


woha..... these are freekin awesome..... mo these are sooo good.... kinda of a shame to put em in here..... i know they are DS (what an i saying!), but they'd get so many more views in the general gallery.... and they deserve to be seen by as many members as possible........ this is classic IR.... just superb..... makes me wanna ruin my D50 trying to change the sensor ;) ...... great work :thumbup: +rep
agree with Arch, these are very impressive
Thanks AA. Yes, what are you saying?! :shock: ;) Maybe I'll repost to General too. Are you allowed to post the same images to different forums? Can a mod advise please?

Anyway, thanks for the complement :)

You will probably be able to use an IR filter without butchering your camera. What camera do you use? I know for a fact that the D70 produced fantastic results with a Hoya R72 filter and no other mods.
i dunno about posting in both galls?..... i dont see why not..... but a mod may delete one of em...... by accident of course ;)

Yea it was a link from jm to an IR website where you can order a new sensor, and it had instructions of how to take apart your camera (!) and replace it, to turn it into an IR beast.... and it had my D50 on there..... but your warranty goes out the window, obviously. I suppose i should be able to use the Hoya filter but wasnt sure about weather my cam can 'see' IR or not....??? I know some cams have to be adjusted or summin>?
Impressive set of images! :thumbup:
I gotta agree Mo. These deserve a General Gallery viewing. Stunning images man. Every one of them....:hail: and :hail: 1 rep.
I'm sorry if this is a n00b question, but could you possibly explain how i could do IR shots with a digital SLR? They look very interesting to me.
These are fantastic!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: Did you use IR film or the filter with your digital? I sooo want to go to England!!
Superb shots!! :hail: i really like #1 & #2 a lot.. how i wish IR filters here in my place are cheap, so i can afford one.. :D
I was pleasantly amazed at the first photo, and it only got better from there. The last photo is truly a 'dark side' image, you should hang that on your wall!
Nowhere it is said that photos may not be posted in two forums at the same time. And no mod will "delete them accidentally", Archangel. What makes you say so?

And these here, I must say, really are so very, very good, they should be brought out to a broader public than those that find their way into the Dark Side Gallery. Although they are very, very nicely "darksidish", perfect IR photos as they are, with such a fitting subject in both the gnarly tree photographed from that POV that you chose as well as the ruined manor house!

But why not also show them in the General Gallery!?!??

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