Gossamer Condor

The Barbarian

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Dec 14, 2005
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I struggled trying to get a decent shot of this, the first working man-powered aircraft. It's O.K. but I'm not entirely pleased with it.
That location looks like it would present a number of very significant challenges if the goal was to get a good shot that featured, or even just "emphasized", that one aircraft. I mean, OMG, the need for super-wide-angle; the distracting roof support system, the walls of windows behind, the other aircraft, back- and side-lighting, and so on. The whole place is a photographic mess. And you're right, it is an O.K. shot. I had never seen this aircraft, but now I have, and I have a pretty good mental picture of how it was built, and can guess how it works, more or less.
Is it a stitched panorama or just a crop?
It's a stitch. I don't know of any lens not a fisheye, that has that reach.
The closes I think you can get is Nikon 14-24. Not a fisheye still full frame and then correct for the distortion in Lightroom. I am sure canon has a version I am just a a Nikon shooter and not familiar with canon.

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