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Got my first consigment opportunity


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Feb 15, 2006
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New England
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I just got the okay to put up my work on two walls of a local restaraunt. Its a healthier fast food/sandwich shop place that makes all its food from scratch. It is in a artsy section of the city and has a diverse clientel from college students to proffessors and businessmen. I am going to put up 11x14 prints, matted and framed. What range price should I be targeting. They currently display art which is going for over $300 a painting, although I do nt think much has sold at that price. The owner said I should price in the $100-$150 range. I guess he knows his clientel best but I anted to get some advice from other photogrphers on what you guys think.
print prices will differ immensely, so your best bet would be to follow the advice of someone that truly knows the clientel. I'm not sure what kind of work you'll be hanging up there, but for a good photograph on a nice frame and matte, $100-150 is certainly a fair price.

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