Got my first job commission!

Jan 7, 2006
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Seated, facing front
Hey everybody! I need just a couple opinions. Someone has asked me to photograph her, with her dog, in a nice pose outdoors. She wants to print it large, B/W, and send it framed as a gift. She'll pay me but wants to know what I charge.


I don't know!!! :lol: I've got a 350D, a nice portraiture lens, a soft-bounce flash attachment for my hot-shoe flash, and enough know-how to be dangerous, but she won't get a PROFESSIONAL professional quality photo obviously. I'm also going to re-read the book chapter I read on outdoor portraiture and practice a little first.

So, any tips (that don't involve me purchasing more equipment ;)) would be greatly appreciated, and I'm curious to what a total amateur hobbyist like me should charge for this!

Thanks :)
Well it has to first and foremost cover production costs. you aren't using film. So just printing that I can see. Recuperate traveliing expenses if there are any in the price as well then add on profit you think just.
As a minimum to charge, I'd say....find out what it will cost to make the print and double that.

As for outdoor portraits...avoid direct sunlight. Use a shady spot or do it on an overcast day. Brush up on fill flash, especially if you do end up out in the sun.
check first how big the print she wants... and then check hoe much does it cost... add all the costs like travelling to her and double all...
PachelbelsCanon350D said:
what a total amateur hobbyist like me should charge for this!

Well you will have to stop calling yourself this after the shoot :lol:

For me it's fun to make any money from taking a picture. I like Mentos idea of doubling everything. If that comes out too much just scale it back a little. Remember to relax, use your knowledge and artistic sense and you will be fine!
How exciting for you! Hope you share the finished result, or other shots from the series. Look forward to seeing it.

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