Got some Kodachrome


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Jun 8, 2010
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Im quite sure everyone here knows its discontinued and no longer can be developed but I had been looking for a roll or two of 120mm Kodachrome for a while now to make a little display piece in the household. I found three rolls still sealed in their original boxes in great shape! Super excited to have a piece of film history to hold onto finally after looking for so long.

Probably not all that exciting to you guys but just had to geek out somewhere about :p
ARe you going to shoot them, or just display them? I think it was TPF member gsgary who developed some Kodachrome he exposed, using as I recall, Agfa corporation's venerable B&W liquid developer, Rodinal, which made some nice B&W images!!!
I wasnt planning on shooting it. I have read about people getting it developed in B&W but seemed kind of pointless to me unless you already have the rolls exposed and there is something on them you need. Maybe Im just weird haha

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