Got some new pictures- XD

Thanks for sharing, here's my thoughts on each photo

#1:Quite an interesting scene. I'd remove the haloing which makes the building and treeline appear to be glowing. I'd also clone out the telephone wire at the right of the frame and possibly the structure as well. I'd probably do away with the Vignette, if anything it's amplifying the halos here.

#2: The curvuture of the extending branch is nice. It seems that it lacks sharpness; I would try some local sharpening or tone mapping to bring out the detail in the bark. Also, the color of the bark seems it could do with a bit of a saturation bump.

#3: From a compostion standpoint the strongest of the set. I like it. Kind of wish the tree wasn't cut off at the top. There's a little haloing around the tree as well. There is a peculiar smudge/blur on the leaves on the right side.
I like 2 and 3 with 3 being the best.

I would have to agree with the halos..they are a bit to strong for and the vignette does amplify them a lot.

I will focus on number 3 since this is my favorite of the three. I think this could make for a very nice picture. Love the colors in the image there is a lot to build off of.

My suggestions would be to go back and reshoot this same angle but step back to get the whole tree in. Aslo if you can, go back when there is clouds in the sky and and if possible during sunset or sunrise depending what direction this is. Try to capture the sun.
I think if you could do that you would have a very nice print!

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