Grainy Video can't fix it.


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Jan 17, 2013
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Hello, I have tried for several hours tonight to get this grainy and camera shake out of my video using Adobe Premiere Pro. I have not had any headway on it its got to the point of me getting a headache. Any ideas.
Neat Video is supposedly the best plug-in for reducing noise. I haven't used it but have seen it recommended many times on editing forums. For the camera shake, just google warp stabilizer Premiere Pro and there are a ton of tuts. I stabilize footage in After Effects with the tracking of 2 points or with Mocha if there is a plane. I don't think the stabilizer in Pro has that feature.
I use Magic Bullet's Denoiser II in After Effects (works in Premiere and other packages too) for noise removal. It works great and keeps plenty of detail although there will always be some loss. Warp Stabilizer can be an option if you want to keep the overrall camera movement but the regular After Effects tracker in stabilize mode works beautifully to lock off a shot. You'll need to scale the footage up after the stabilization to get rid of the shifting black border so there will be some quality loss there as well. I'm not sure if the tracker is available in Premiere but it should be in there somewhere. I can't imagine why it wouldn't be.

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