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Feb 18, 2009
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Niagara Region, ON
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Hello everyone, glad I found a reputable photography forums so quickly.

I'm an avid (and long time) graphic designer and artist. I most often work as a hobby, but in the recent months I've decided to make it more. I am self taught in CS 2.0-4.0 for graphic design, and Dreamweaver 8.0+ for web design. I've taken thousands of photos with my old (and deceased) Fujifilm P&S 2.X MP camera, and have used them in my work time and time again. Now, with my desire become more professional in my work, I've gone and purchased a Nikon D60 DSLR. Of course, in the haste of it being my birthday, and not knowing much of DSLR tech, I accidentally ordered a body-only kit. Now I have the mission of purchasing a lens. I'll be scouring the forum for advice on this in about 8 seconds, so expect an amateur thread popping up.

I look forward to your advice :)
Well, happy birthday to start with! Then, welcome aboard. I hope you find answers to your questions really fast so you can enjoy your new camera.

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