Grasshopper on a Rose


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May 26, 2006
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Cincinnati, Ohio
Was tying to take a picture of the rose and found this little guy. He was only about 1/8th inch long. Comments and critique welcome.

Oh, this is sooooo cute!
And your photo of the rose has been transformed into some photo that is ever so much more interesting than "Just Another Flower Shot".
Way cool.
Super DOF control here.
I really, really, REALLY like this.
This is brilliant Whardman. Nicely captured!!!
very cool shot... the eyes (as said earlier) are wonderful... so large for a small critter. the DOF is nice too.
Great shot!

As mentioned early, the FOV is excellent.. but I'd bump up the colours a bit.
Thanks for teh comments. This was actually a spur of the moment thing as I was Intending on shooting the rose. I wasn't paying any attention to composition.:lol:

Tony said:
As mentioned early, the FOV is excellent.. but I'd bump up the colours a bit.
More??:scratch: I thought I about over did it as it is.:mrgreen:
^ heh, well it's about personal preference :)

I think what I meant is to give the photo more "pop" by increasing the saturation, not by adding more colourful stuff.
No, I actually did increase the saturation. I felt that if I want much further it would be too strong and look almost fake. BTW, the flower is slightly pale peach colored not orange. (Princess Diana Rose)
I bet he thought he was hiding in those petals, as he looks surprised (or scared) that you found him. I really like it.


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