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Jul 7, 2003
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Portland OR USA
Got a good little deal on film and paper last week at a local shop... 25 sheets of 8x10 Ilford, along with 2 rolls of 36 exposures of HP5 400 for $18.18. The paper itself is normally $17.50, so that's 72 exposures for under 70 cents. :D I also saw this deal online at, so it might be a widespread Ilford dealie.

Weird thing was there were 3 different types of the deal, depending upon paper style (glossy or pearl, and one was a cooltone), and the cooltone came with 3200 speed film. They were all marked as 18.18, except for the package with the pearl paper, which I what I always use, because I can't stand glossy. The pearl paper was marked as $59.95! I couldn't figure out what was so special about this paper that it warranted a $40 price difference. So I asked, and of course it was a mislabeling. Whew!! I might go back and get the cooltone w/3200 just to try it out...
i was skeptical about the cooltone when it first came out. i bought some and did a close up of one of my cats; i love the paper! should be interesting w/3200 printed on it.

if you used kodak chemicals you could, and search eabay for polycontrast
a brand wiil come up called vesta, the paper usually auctions off for under 25 dollars.

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