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Oct 1, 2015
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I have been shooting film since the mid 8os. I mostly work with slide film (Velvia and Provia).
I took a break from photography for almost a decade, mostly because I resisted digital photography.
I still can't get over the thought of getting rid of so much gear...
I do own 1 digital P&S and an Epson slide scanner.
I'm back now, and my goal is to finally learn how to process my own slide film as well as maybe get a good DSLR.

Thanks for reading this!

I've never used film. I always say one day I'll give it a go but I'm just too spoiled with digital.
Thank you for the warm welcome!
Don't give up film digital will not give you the same satisfaction I found that out after spending loads on digital, then a friend loaned me one of his Leica's and I was hooked I now have 2 and a Sony A7 but hardly use it
I spent 45 years working (on and off but mostly on) as a pro photog and most of that time I used film but did go to digital toward the end. I adore film and film cameras. I've got so many film cameras I forget what I have. I saw a zoomey-looking Olympus 35mm film camera with a built in lens recently and realized I have one of those somewhere but haven't run across it for a couple of years.
Recently I bought an old Rolleiflex that was made about the time I started off in photography and it is in terrific shape.
People ask is film dead and I say, nah, it is now a niche in the art world like silkscreens (serigraphs) are to oil paintings. Have fun.
Welcome Arkas, to the forum. Back in the film only days I was a news photog. I shot and printed nearly every working day. I love digital ... it is much cleaner and faster with greater latitude to recover from mistakes. Good luck with digital. We're all here to learn, help and share.

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