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Apr 13, 2009
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Nõo, Estonia
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Sorry for the corny opening :p

I started photographing about six years ago. The first camera was a no-name point-and-shoot thingy that left black stripes on the tops and bottoms of the pictures and forgot the shutter totally open from time to time. Some photos from that era are up here.

Getting seriously fed up with that, I had an old Soviet Zenith SLR repaired and shot with that for a while. It had one fixed 50 mm/1,4f objective and actually gave terrific shots. I only just realised I don't have any photos uploaded from that camera. That will have to be fixed.

Then came a Sony point-and-shoot. That took good photos as well, and I have to say that it's a great camera for beginners, it takes good photos despite the user :D OK, I know, I just contradicted my own signature, but what the hey :)

Next, spring 2006 came with a new camera, the Nikon D50 that I use 'til now. Over time I've acquired a Nikon 50-200 DX VR and a Sigma 50mm/1,4f lens for it and I still use all of them.

After having had the camera (i.e. the Nikon) for over a year I finally took an introductory lesson from a professional photographer and learned more from him in four hours than I did the whole year before that on my own. Since then I feel my photos have become better over time. I've read up on a lot of different subjects like composition and lighting and thus have to agree with the old proverb: "The more I learn the more I understand that I know nothing."

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