Greetings from central Ohio


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Sep 30, 2015
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Hey all, new photography enthusiast from central Ohio area here. I've really been getting into shooting more, been trying to learn as much on my own as I can. I started out shooting film via an Olympus OMG(om20) and developing my own film at home. It's been a lot of fun for me and a couple months ago purchased a d3200 to expand my photo capturing ability. Still been shooting a lot of film as well, but mainly b&w now. Got a Yashica Mat over the summer and haven't shot a ton with it yet. I look forward to using the site as another learning tool, and may even chime in from time to time.
Welcome and looking forward to seeing some of those b&w shots.
Everytime I hear Olympus I remember my college roommate and how he would tell anyone that had a camera how his OM-1 was the best camera ever made.

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