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Dec 10, 2015
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Hello all! I'm Ondine and am from Colorado, USA, and am 19. I'm a college student (microbiology pre-med and nutrition minor). I picked up a friend's camera about a year ago and haven't gone a day without one since. It's a great stress reliever, and I love being creative and discovering new ways to seen the world. I started with a Nikon D3300 (which I loved learning on) and have recently upgraded to the Sony a77II (which I LOVE!!). I'm still exploring styles and genres... spreading my creative wings... Several of my friends are dancers, and I really want to start shooting them. I'll probably have lots of little questions. I'm really looking forward to some great interaction with some fellow photographers from around the world.
Welcome to the site! I'm also from Colorado and shoot mostly landscapes. Check out my Flickr account (in my bio) to see some local stuff I've shot. Good luck- a lot of good advice on here.

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