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Greetings from Croatia


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Jan 21, 2008
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Zagreb, Croatia
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My name is Nino. Im 15 years old and I have been into photography since I was 8. MY mother is a journalist, so maybe I inherited it from her. I live in Croatia, a beautifull country and a paradise for photographers! Besides photography, I play guitar and im into journalism. I will post some pictures now...
I hope im welcome here :D ...
Hi Nino. Of course you are welcome here, glad you found and joined us. I hope to see a lot of your work from your beautiful country.
Thanks! YOu can see some in landscapes and nature by the name "some of my pics" ...
Welcome Nino! Any pictures from the Postojna cave?

I have no pictures from the Postojna cave, sorry...
Ej brate, Dobrodosao na TPF, ja sam iz Tuzle u Bosni.
Ej, ja sam porodicom iz Bosne. Kaj živiš u SAD-u? E jebiga bolan...
Welcome :)

Croatia is indeed beautiful.

Fond memories... but long time ago ;)

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