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Jan 12, 2008
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I am very new to Photography....just bought my first DSLR within the last month. Seems I dove in head first though with what I have spent on photography far I shoot with a Cannon Rebel XT and usually have on it my Tamron 18-50 F2.8, but I also have a Tamron 18-200 F3.5-6.3, and of course the ole' Cannon 18-55 kit lens. Additionally I bought a Cannon battery grip and the 430EX flash which I really like.

I am a jeweler here in Houston so my photos are usually of either antique jewlery that I collect or custom pieces that I make when I am not taking pictures of the family.

Have already learned a wealth of knowledge here just by lurking and using the search feature (brownie point already:mrgreen:)


Welcome im fairly new to you will learn alot here just ask. Lets see some shots? Welcome from Michigan
Welcome aboard from Indiana. So glad to see you found us. This is a great forum full of information and good folks. Jewelry is one of the tougher things to shoot well. Hopefully we can all learn together.
Close ups, huh? ;)

Welcome aboard.

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