Greetings from Los Angeles, CA 818!


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Aug 18, 2009
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Los Angeles, CA
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Hey, guys! I found this forum through Google. I'm a former POTN member. I was recently banned there (relax, mods) by a bully moderator who was simply trying to strut his stuff. (I found him on other forums bragging how he's a powerful mod on a site with 200k members). I'll name you if I have to! ;) Anyways it was really silly. The guy that started it got off Scott-free even though his "actions" were actually direct public name calling and insults. He got off without even a warning (I checked) because he's "buddy-buddy" with the mod.

Anyways both the owner (I'm sure you know who he is) and that moderator both ignored me. So here I am. I met some great people there, and I hope some of them are members here.

Sorry for my long story. I'm just here to check out some great photos! See you guys later! Check out my photo blog while you're at it. It's in my sig!!


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