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May 25, 2006
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Miami, Florida
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Newbie here, who would like to say hello to the established members of the forum. :hail: A couple of years ago I decided to return to photography after a long hiatus. I now shoot mostly digital (DRebel and then RebelXT). For some reason, however, I miss film. :( So I recently acquired an Elan 7n. I want to take a photo course at a local college, so I will be requested to bring the film camera and use it fully manual. Also I :heart: B&W! Any suggestions about places that can develop Ilford Delta film? The local places that develop my film (Wolf Camera) only develop B&W images shot on color film. Anyway, really happy to be here amongst you!! :thumbup:
Welcome back to film and welcome to TPF. ;)
Welcome to TPF!!
vonnagy said:
welcome mate

Thank you all for your hospitality! Vonnagy, I understand that your country has a lot of photography aficionados, particularly film. I suppose that there must be a lot of beautiful places to photography there, which stimulate enthusiasm for our particular calling.

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