Greetings from the Great white frozen North :)

Don Kondra

Been spending a lot of time on here!
Dec 11, 2007
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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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My name is Don and I am a alco...,woops, wrong forum :blushing:

Actually I'm a reformed readaholic and a wood furniture designer/ maker. Since the new computer and wireless internet last year I find I don't have time to read anymore, sigh...

I live on an acreage a short drive from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

My dog Max and I share a 1600 sq. ft. house, well, that's not quite accurate. The house is 700 sq. ft. and the studio is 900 sq. ft.


My photography was limited to the normal snaps of fishing trips, family gatherings and documenting my work with a Mamiya 35 mm.

For anything important I took my work to a professional.

I didn't have the time and/or wasn't motivated enough to get good enough to know exactly what the results of a shoot would be and hated the waiting for the film to be developed.

About four years ago I bought a 2 mp Kodak P&S and absolutely LOVED the freedom of being able to see right then and there what was happening.

The digital format has made it much more convenient and outright fun.

It's time to move up a step or three in a camera, in my search for understanding what's available today I found this forum.

Enough rambling for now, I've enjoyed my visits here and hope to not embarrass myself with too many dumb questions..

Cheers, Don
Welcome to the forum :)
Welcome, from the Great America. :DDD
Hi Don welcome. I am originally from PA. Was out your way in September.
Welcome aboard I suppose you are a Riders fan? :er:
Hi Don. There are no dumb questions but there are questions that are repeatedly asked week after week. Just remember the forum has a search function. ;)

Hi Don, great to have you aboard! Welcome.

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