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May 3, 2009
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No not The Rock as in Alcatraz :) I'm in Gibraltar.
When I lived in UK (being English) I had my first SLR camera in my late teens. A Ricoh of which I don't remember the model.
When I moved out to Gib, I got myself a Pentax P30 and played with that for a while. I liked to dabble in special effects back then. No computers or digital stuff then you know :)
Anyway, the camera got stolen and that was that. I never bought another.

20+ years later and I decided 2 days ago to get another one and maybe start getting into it all again. Grabbed me a Nikon D60 with the std 18-55mm lens.

Yesterday I went out and about including up the Rock to see the Rock Apes and in all 200 shots in that day (making up for lost time heh).
Im going to post one of my shots of a Rock Ape in the Nature section.

Hope to make some new friends here and get some advice and critique to improve myself.
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