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Mar 26, 2009
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yo whats up yall new to the forum names Ryan im from San Antonio, Tx. I have been into photograpy since i was little and my childhood dream was to be a photographer for national geographic i know thats far from possable at this time. i would like to make a career out of photography and traval.thats some short stuff about me.

Ihave one question for some of you guys here,im planning on getting a new camera im using a Panasonic DCM-FX30. this is what i would like to shoot Graffiti, close up flowers and bugs, and scenery, on stuff on the go from a vehicle. i was looking into the slr camera because i carry around a backpack with me so size isnt really a problem. sorry if this was the wrong place to post that.

here are some things i shot before


Hey there Ryan, and welcome to TPF!

(Love that second graffiti shot - great colours)
thanks its great to be here hope to be around for quite a while yea that 2nd one was edited a little to make the colors pop a little more.

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