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    Hello all! I'm Ken, Kenneth, Kenny, Kenward, Kendizzle, those are all nicknames my friends and neighbors use to call me by. Usually I don't mind whatever is fine with me. Well first off if it isn't obvious my real name is Kenneth, I just got started with photography and I'm currently taking a class at my school. I've always enjoyed taking photography and playing with cameras when I was growing up. I specifically enjoy film over digital, just analog is really appealing to me especially black and white film. Currently I own and was given 4 cameras: A Nikon FE, EM and a Yashica FX-3 and a Polaroid SX-70. All of them I either bought for dirt cheap or was given to me. I'm having problems finding film for the SX-70 but I found a site that sells the film for it but it's a little pricey.


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