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    Hi all! I'm an amateur photographer and full-time college student. I've been interested in photography for years but finally took the plunge and purchased my first dSLR last September - and I haven't regretted it since. I've only shot with the kit lens so far, but I'm going to pick up a 55-200mm VR lens sooooon.

    So far, my interests are pretty wide, although I seem to be finding a preference for travel photography (which I'm sure has something to do with the traveling itself), but I've also dabbled in plenty of other types. Sadly, I don't have Photoshop on my computer nor have I been able to find a decent, Mac-friendly alternative on a college student's budget (sadly, GIMP has refused to cooperate), so I do what I can with the [very] basic editing tools I have at my disposal.

    Anywho, I decided to sign up because I'm starting to get serious about improving as a photographer. I'm always up for advice and hoping to learn a lot! :mrgreen:

    ETA: It's a small version, I know, but here's one of my photos. Shot it handheld through a hotel window in Vegas:


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