Groupon ?? Will it help or sink your business?

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May 23, 2011
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Interesting offer that popped up on Groupon today, $16 for a sitting and eight sheets of one pose. Now I know some people will buy other poses at regular pricing, but if even half are like me when they buy a Groupon they get just what they buy and then walk away. Can a business survive this model or is it a last gasp trying to survive? They maxed out at 1000 of the offers, good only until May 2, 2012. The studios are in two large area malls so the overhead is pretty hefty, and then don't forget that Groupon takes 50% of that initial value. Also, keep in mind that at most of the photo labs you can get prints done at this offer would cost $24 for eight sheets.

Can a business survive this model or is it a last gasp trying to survive? We'll see if they are still in business come August.

Here's the offer they had up....

"Like developing superpowers, developing a photograph always starts in a lab under the cover of darkness and ends with a transformative dip in a chemical bath. Discover your extraordinary photographic abilities with today's Groupon: for $16, you get eight color portrait sheets (a $144 value) plus a photo shoot at Picture People, valid at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood and Tacoma Mall in Tacoma. Photo sheets include eight sheets total of the same image, with one 10"x13", one 8"x10", four 5"x7"s, ten 4"x6"s, and 16 wallet photos divided among them."
its at a studio.. so i think it works. If it was on location, probably not. Also, you got to remember about 50% of the people wont redeem it.
There are other Groupon threads here with a lot of chatter on them.. and some good info. Search is your friend! :)
Awww crap... and the most recent of those was for this studio based in another area. For once I shoulda taken advice I usually give. lol

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