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Mar 9, 2003
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Hi all,

I just wanted to post a quick note to say thank you for all of your interest and especially to a few of you that seem to really put in time on reviewing and replying to messages. Having a core of people that show such interest to the forum really helps to draw in new visitors.

There has definitely been an increase in activity lately and we are now picking up 4-5 registered users a day. If this trend continues, the first milestone of 100 registered users should be reached either today or tomorrow.

So thanks again for all of your contributions and I hope this site is growing into a great resource, and maybe even a source of entertainment for many of you (including myself).

As always, please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions (positive or negative) that you feel may help us to expand the forum even further.

Thanks again, and keep shooting!

After mentioning earlier that we were growing nicely, this was an above average day for people joining and we have now passed the 100 registered users mark!

Thanks again to all of you for your contributions as we look forward to continued growth!

I second that! Thanks to all the people on here, without yall it would be me and chase just talking to ourselves...

great work chase and the rest of the crew!

I am one of the new ones on this forum and watched a couple of other photography forums grow, and it sure doesn't take long if the word gets out. You will be surprised. I hope you have enough bandwith in the oven to handle it later.
I love this site and have told everyone I know (whether they like photography or not) !! Tons of thanks to the founding fathers of the forum!
Wow, look how we've grown...!

There are 39,964 registered members as I type this.
:thumbsup: Josh, way to dig one out.
nice bump :p
i think it is a good bump though as it shows how far that the forum has come...
since 2003 you had less than 100 members
6 years later you have 400 times that in members

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