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Mar 25, 2005
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keeping watch


thanks for looking
Well I sure as heck am not gonna mess with that boat. Niiiice doggie *backing up slowly*.
I Think he just wanted to say hello, rather than bite anyone. Probably just abit lonely on his boat!
Awesome shot of an awesome dog.!!!
He sure looks "all eyes all ears" to me, whether in order to really protect the boat or to check out who is looking I wouldn't know, but the moment to take this photo was the absolute right one! Very nice! And he's a beautiful dog, too. My daughter will fall in love with this photo right away (but I still have to alert her to some of the ones that I know she will like, the entire board concept and it's "all-Englishness" still intimidate her a little ;))
thanks for the comments

i love German Shepards, i have one myself. I'll have to post a pic of her sometime
great shot, love the b&w... :thumbup:

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