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Oct 15, 2011
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Central Texas
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Hello, I'm Dustin. I joined quite a while ago but never became active. Over the last year I've been shooting a lot more and trying to hone what minor skills I have. Mostly doing cityscapes and such around Austin. Prior to that, I was mostly just shooting my Kids (two boys, 3 and 5), and that's how I got familiar with a DSLR. Now I'm trying to expand, gain skills, make photographer friends I can shoot with and learn from........

I don't have any exciting gear, just a D3200, a D200, an 18-105, and a 55-200, and I edit with CS5. Regardless, I enjoy what I Have, and I'm satisfied with the results..... for now!
Welcome (back) Dustin.
I never had much success shooting my kids. They ere fast and tricky.
I wounded one once but not enough to count.
They've moved out now.
This is a great place if you are trying improve.

Take some pictures, post the best one or two and see what people say.
One of the mods, it might be Tirediron, has a link in his signature to an excellent post on how to get good critique.


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