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Jun 27, 2003
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a little construction going on in my neck of the woods ... :eek: ... feel free to comment...


very nice. I have come to really enjoy your work, and hope to see more every so often. Also, where abouts in the city do you live? (where are you taking pictures most of the time?)
thanks!!!! :D ... i live in New York ... always something going on ... the jack hammer was in front of my door at 8am :?
also really like the second one!
it would have been interesting to have taken another picture with a longer shutter speed to see if you would have captured the movement of the drill - just a thought!

i did get a few more of them, but this one i liked best ... i think i got about 10-15 shots of them, but ended up with 3 good ones (then my memory card ran out, i had come from shooting architecture, these guys were by accident)
Wow your stuff is improving every day. I love stuff like the first pic, but the second is perfect.
Luv that second pic and Stewart is right in that it would have been interesting to have captured the bit movement as well. Still like it the way it is though.
I'm also curious as to what they're using Liquid Nitrogen for (the dewars in the first pic) typically they use dry nitrogen for pressurising communication cables for keeping them dry and water out but liquid would probably be used for freezing something.
One other side note, if one of them ever breaks or tips over do not let any of the liquid touch you or you'll get instant frostbite! (see Terminator 2 for results).
Wow! on shot 2. That is my favorite shot from you Dew. You certainly have quite an eye for this photography thing :)
You have very interesting subject matter and enjoy the pictures. I have a few things that may improve them just a little. The only problem I have with the first one is that the fed ex van sort of grow out of the bottles. I love the second pictures, but I'd like to see the jack hammer shifted over to the right a little. Don't get my message confusd though, I like you pictures just trying to give some constructive
thanks for your comments ....

during the day i shot the nitrogen tank ... i was in the middle of rush hour downtown New York ... everything was moving in and out of my shot ... had to react fast :lol: ... the luck of the draw i guess :lol:

the construction workers ... i kinda had to move around them while they worked without being intrusive .. also ... the photo was cropped .... i beleive i had a shot up to his chest, but his feet were more interesting :lol: ...
yeah i know what you mean about stuff going in and out of your frame, I think I'd like to see the uncropped version of the picture of the construction worker.

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