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Dec 1, 2011
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Some Where In the Desert
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Guys I wanted to discuss haloing. I have been really paying attention to the sky where I live day and night at various times. What I have seen is that nature produces a natural halo in certain parts of the mountains and trees depending on the day and evening (usually sunset times) The sky hardly is never a solid blue it changes with the atmosphere and haze in the sky. When i am processing HDR images I try to keep an eye on this and keep haloing down to a minimal however with my processing style I could have a decent image out of photomatix and when I add filters to bring out detail thats when I start to notice haloing. If I tweak the sky's color trying to take it out sometimes it just changes the feel that I am going after. If I am in photomatix and I use both smoothing and micro smoothing to the right I loose a lot of detail. This is my thought and keep in mind its just my opinion on this. Since mother nature produces a natural halo at certain times of the day and lighting why do people get so worked up on when they see it in an HDR image. IMO as long as its not to strong it does not bother me. There are many flavors in HDR imagery and some like very realistic HDR while others fancy Grungie and everything in bewteen. I sometimes prefer realistic depending on the the subject but for the most part I like the HDR that is 3d like almost like its painted. I just love that style and truth is since HDR in this method is almost unnatural slight haloing is not that big of a deal and kinda adds to the images sometime "NOT ALL THE TIME" IMO.

So without trying to start any arguments I ask that you look around where you live. Study the sky's at various times and areas and see if you also see natural haloing going on. I have been really trying to fine tune me processing but some sky's I just can not find a work around without compromising detail.

What say you?

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