Hampton Roads Virginia


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Apr 8, 2007
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Norfolk, VA.
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I'm curious how many posters are around my area. I live in Norfolk, VA.

Anybody interested in grabbing lunch sometime?
I'd be happy to make the trip out there, especially since I have a friend at CNU not too far away, but I'm all tied up next weekend and after that I'm headed home to Raleigh for winter break until the middle of january.
I just saw that you were from VAB. We'll make it happen after the holidays
Not sure if I could make the trip down for lunch. I might go over my allotted 1 (or sometimes 2) hour lunch. I'm up in Richmond. If you guys get up this way holla. I'm good for a happy hour once in a while.
Dadof2 I'm in Richmond also. Well, Mechanicsville but close enough. That D40x you have, it's the Costco bundle right? I just picked one up a few days ago. Maybe we can meet up sometime and exchange some knowledge.
Hey Klondike,
Used to live out in the ville myself. My kids still do part time.

I was eye-balling the costco bundle w/ the 55-200mm/VR lense for a while before Christmas but then they sold out. I had bought stuff from Cameta (out of Amityville, NY) before and ended up getting the whole thing from them.

I'll send you a message on TPF w/ some contact info so we can meet up sometime.
Alright I'm back in Richmond now, if anyone cares.
Hey max,
Me and klondike are gonna try to catch up next Saturday for a tour of the city of you're interested

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