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Jan 24, 2006
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Tell me what you think about these? Does it work? Or is it just bad? Is there something missing ? I'm not sure about them...
any help is welcome!
Go ahead with your critique! ;-)


The first one is neat. I think that the second one doesnt have quite the shock value as the first, but its still pretty good :)
I think if the hands was pressed more into the glass like the person was in pain the pisture would really stand out. It agree that it is remenisciant of a horror movie thats why I figure the hand should be more against the glass, like the killer just stabbed the person.
very interesting... i was also getting a DS vibe... although it might work better with more anatomy than just a hand... like the urgent hand pressed with a full arm connected to a shadowy figure... or a lifeless, contorted face pressed next to the hand...

nice shots...
Thank you for your comments!

The hand is actually my hand because I didn't have a model ;-)
I would have preferred to use a bit more of my anatomy but it was really impossible to stretch even more than I did to get these...
This is very interesting and I really like the first photo.
What is the cloth onto which you put your hand?
And what is the light you used?
ok, you know what they make me think of? Ever seen Blair Witch Project? Not a scary movie really, but two parts were freaky to me....ONE was when the children's hands were rubbing on the tent real fast. That is what this reminds me of. The other was when the guy comes accors the other guy in the corner and keeps alling his name, but he doensn;t move...then the camera falls and all you see is the guys elgs and he's just standing in the corner.

The hands are creepy none the less.
Thank you!

LaFoto: I didn't use any cloth for those shots, but simply pressed my hand against the glass of the shower (its made of "milk"glass)

The lightning was just the sunset light that fell through the bathroom window... I actually totally underexposed the first shot and lightened it up in PS.thats where the grain comes from...

Rahb: Yes I saw Blair witch ... really creepy I liked the suggestive way it was filmed... the last scene you reffer to was the one that really made me shiver the most...

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