Happy Birthday Jocose!!

Oh, this birthday needs to get celebrated!

Oh, look! It's a little green frog! :heart:

Great BD cake, LaFoto! :thumbup:

Happy Birthday, Jocose!
dude, I thought we were writing a sitcom or something.

where the hell did you go dood?

P.S. Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday!
There once was a man named jocose,
On his birthday i made this toast,
"To the King of Limericks,
gone since 5-12-2006,
it's about time you get on TPF and post!"

Happy B-Day! :thumbup:
woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo... Happy birthday Jo :hugs:
:wav: :cheers:
hope it's a great one :D
Happy b'day, Jocose. Haven't seen ya much online.

(Kudos to JTHphoto and Mommy4B for their poetic contributions!)


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